Mika Brzezinski Mortified By Jimmy Carter’s Kennedy-Bashing; Kennedy Responds!

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H/T Newsbusters

Mika Brzezinski, proud Obama-pologist, almost had a nervous breakdown this morning when former President Jimmy Carter took a pot shot at Edward “Dead Ted” Kennedy.

Blaming Kennedy for his own ineptitude in passing healthcare reform during his tenure in the White House,  Carter squarely put the entire blame for that half-assed fiasco on Ted Kennedy, who unsuccessfully challenged him for the Presidency in 1980, causing Ronald Regan to win the election.

Mika, daughter of Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, has a history of defending Carter on the show.  Check the video as Mika grimaces in discomfort, and interjects various rebuttals, as her fellow panelists unload on the 39th president.

At least as newsworthy as Mika’s reaction was this little pearl from the 60 Minutes interview, scheduled to air this coming Sunday.

At one point, Carter spoke of Ted Kennedy’s blocking of Carter’s legislation. Responded Stahl: “And you blame Teddy?!” How nice for Stahl that she’s still on a first name basis with Teddy-boy….

Here’s a clip of the coming CBS interview that pushed Mika over the edge; Kennedy Responds below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.JimmyCarter Slams Ted Kennedy – 60 Minutes – C…, posted with vodpod

Kennedy Responds

Kennedy, who has not been seen since his departure in August of 2009, has been reportedly working off his Karma by continuing to serve “the people” as steadfastly as he did in the Senate for the 48 years he occupied the seat earmarked for Scott Brown, who finally got  ass planted in it this past January.

Politely refusing to criticize Carter’s accusation, Kennedy instead extolled the virtues of his new position as a public servant, albeit in a completely different environment.

“All those years in the Senate barely prepared me for this new role” Kennedy purred.

You think its hot on Capitol Hill?  You should see what I’ve got to put up with here!” he said, chuckling in that famous condescending Kennedy fashion.

“This has been a real lesson in public service” he continued.  “Even though the days are longer, the dress code is far more relaxed here.

I couldn’t imagine doing this in a suit and a diaper” Kennedy quipped while he rustled up a Hootersized serving of wings and a Cobb Salad for a nearby table.

Other News

Elsewhere, a minuscule cow who just loves pop music was cited as the world’s smallest by The Guinness World Record.

Back to you, Bitches…


    • Yes, Mika is a nitwit, but I think I have a higher opinion of Joe. Most of the time, he calls it like it is. I often wonder of just how much the new owners of MSNBC dictate the tone. Of all the pundits, Joe Scarborough seems to be the most outspoken about the reality behind the spin of McTingle, Maddow, Olbermann, and (soon to come) that horrid bag of toxic waste Lawrence O’Donnel

  1. ROFL! Perfect job for Tedward for eternity! I wonder if Mary Jo got to wear steel toed boots when he was at that um…. crossroad, so she could have the honor of kicking him downstairs.

    Jimmy is disintegrating before our eyes. So he and Tedward should be bashing it out in hell soon enough. And since Jimmy says he “Lusts in his heart,” they might run into each other pretty fast on Ted’s night shift.

    Frankly if I were Mika, I’d be more worried about her jihad-loving old man, but hey that’s just me.

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